Energy Management Centre

Challenges of Energy Management

Energy managers face many challenges when organizing implementation of efficiency measures after a technical audit took place:  

-Auditors report their findings as PDF/paper on many pages. Before being able to plan responsibilities, formulate instructions and set deadlines for implementing measures, energy managers have to extract the needed information manually. Wouldn´t it safe time if findings could be applied directly?

-Audit reports are written from a technical point of view. To get budget for implementation, energy managers often have to convince top-management to agree to investments. Wouldn´t it help to generate suitable summaries automatically?

-It is hard to keep track of the implementation process, make adjustments and verify saving effects. Wouldn´t it be easier with a reminder, a dynamic time plan and a monitoring solution?


Reducing the Effort for Energy Managers

The EnMC is a web-app (Open Source, free of charge) that seeks to reduce the described effort for Energy Managers. Auditors use the EnMC as a digital reporting solution. Energy Managers directly apply it for organizing the realisation process. The EnMC offers i. a.:

-Interactive Gantt chart for time planning, allocation of responsibilities, description of tasks

-Dashboard with action plans (prepared by the auditor) and a reminder for deadlines

-Generation of business case descriptions and management reports

-Monitoring solution

-Social Network for energy managers and energy auditors

Rollout within Steam-Up and availability for others

The EnMC was developed for the project Steam-Up (Funding: Horizon 2020). It is compatible to EN 16247 and will be applied for approx. 75 audits across Europe.

Apart from that all energy auditors and energy managers worldwide can use it for free.